Friday, September 2, 2011

iPhone Cover Fail

My iPhone is always by my side.  Yes, I am your typical iPhone owner, I don't have a single bad thing to say about this phone.  I love it.  There are so many cover options that sticking with one for very long is pretty tough.

This is one of my favorites.  This is a great cover for when Cam has the phone.  It's thick, cushioned, and has nice bumpers to keep the screen from being damaged.  Like I said, great for Cam time.

I ordered this cover because I wanted to be able to change the look of my iPhone whenever I wanted.  I ordered it off Amazon because the description said "clear."

Liars.  It turned out more "milky" than "clear."  But hey, it gets the job done.

This cover turned out to be much slimmer than I thought and didn't have an edge to protect the screen.  So I thought I'd use it in an experiment.

I started by creating a design on my silhouette machine.  The shape is from the silhouette store and was repeated to create the pattern.  I decided to use the vinyl for the dark flowers and spray paint the rest of the phone.

I cut out the shapes with my silhouette and then laid the transfer paper on top.

Next, I peeled away the excess and all that was left were my flowers.

It was slow going, but I carefully peeled away the transfer paper...this is where my gut told me this wouldn't turn out right.  It was difficult to get the transfer paper off because the vinyl wasn't really sticking to the phone cover.

Finally, I got it all to stick and stay in place.  The leftover transfer paper was used to cover the inside because I didn't want any paint getting in there.  I was worried that the paint would get onto my phone.

Have you ever started a project that you knew wasn't going to work out? But you kept doing it anyway?

I'm not sure what happened with the paint in the corner, but it happened in all four corners.  The primer scratched right off the cover and some spray paint got under the vinyl where it wasn't sticking.  This is a sad end.

Oh well, now I know.

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