Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Sleepover

Cam had his first sleepover on Friday night.  Everything went really well!   No glitches at all and this kiddo slept completely through the night.

We spent Saturday morning playing with the dog and motorcycles in the living room.   Then Cam spotted Dad outside working on the garden.  Behind Dad is Cam's most favorite toy, the tractor.  So we had to go outside and see it.

We have to be careful when we put Cam on the tractor because he knows how to turn it on and he loves pushing the buttons.

He loves sitting on the tractor.  He just likes to lounge.  One of these days, those little legs will be able to reach the peddles, and then we'll have to be really careful!

And not too long after that, he'll be driving the car.  Scary!


  1. Priceless pictures! Cam is going to enjoy those pictures some day.