Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlie's Job

Charlie had a very important job during this makeover.  She had to sit around and do nothing.  I gotta tell you, she did it well.

When it came time to paint, she sat on the bed the whole time and didn't disturb us.  I had thought we would need to lock her out of the room because she would always be in our way.  My bad, Charlie.

Seriously, she needs a haircut.  You can't even see her eyes in this picture.

She spend most of her time on the bed.  After the paint dried we moved some of the furniture back into place and she made herself comfortable on the clean sheets.

Every time our attention was on the bed, so was Charlie.  We laid out the curtains to get a better look at them and no sooner found Charlie right on top.  Like I said before, Charlie puts her butt wherever she wants to put it.

She loves the new comforter.  It's cushy and soft, which is just perfect for my little pooch.  She probably wishes I would sleep on the couch so she can have the whole thing to herself.  Not on your life, Charlie.

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  1. I'm so glad Charlie adapted so well. Someone had to supervise you two.