Thursday, September 8, 2011


My makeover plans for the bedroom include "chandelier above bed."  I hope to someday have a real chandelier over my bed when I get a real home.  For now, I'll just have to make my own.

The essential materials in this project are as follows: scissors, tape, lantern, tissue paper, stick glue.  The stick glue is not pictured above because I didn't know I would need him.  Yes, stick glue is a boy.  The end.   

Thanks to my darling Pinterest (a girl), I found this tutorial from Martha Stewart and used it as my starting point.  I originally planned on cutting out circles from tissue paper to glue onto my lantern, but I didn't want to spend hours cutting circles.  Instead, I bought a circle punch from AC Moore, only to find out that it doesn't cut tissue paper (that was quickly returned).  So I decided to go the poorly cut squares rectangle route. 

The first step was to put in some NCIS (the more Tony the better) and get to work.

I bought a ton of tissue paper for this project because I figure I would use a lot.  Wrong.  I could have used scraps that I had leftover from presents, but oh well.  I started with pieces that were 4x2 inches and quickly decided they were too long. 

Next, I used pieces that were 1x2, but that was too short.  Once I settled on 2x2, I finally was on a roll.

Charlie decided to join me during this project.  Say hello to Charlie's butt.  Charlie's butt goes wherever Charlie wants it to go, regardless of whether something is already occupying that space (i.e. papers, feet, clothing, shoes, iphones, faces). 

Though she sometimes gets in the way, it's nice to have the company.

I worked from the bottom up, gluing each piece as I went.  The tutorial said to use double sided tape.  Oh. my. gosh. That took forever.  Instead, I used stick glue - a much faster/cheaper process.

Umm...let's just say there was a lot of trial and error during this process.  All the strips I cut that weren't the right size ended up in the trash pile.  So did the glue stick I managed to burn through during this project.

Done and up!  It's a little puny right now, but I plan on adding at least 2 more (and maybe hanging it lower).  I just don't have the lanterns yet.  Also, it will stand out more after I paint my bedroom gray, get rid of that awful lamp/clock/curtains.  

Who's big idea was it to paint apartments all white?  Seriously, me and that dude need to have a chat.


  1. This tutorial would have been longer if your sister had actually given you the second Ikea lamp you requested before you went home. Sorry!

  2. haha...this comment just used my rental blog as the name. So annoying....