Friday, September 30, 2011

A Beautiful Breeze

Last night's breeze was beautiful.  I finally feel like I'm breathing fresh air again.  I love having ac, but after awhile the air starts to get stale.

Charlie loves sitting at the window and watching the people walk by.  She's a people watcher.  I can always tell when someone she likes walks by because she freaks out and claws at the screen.

After realizing I hadn't taken a single photo in over a week, I decided to take a few closeups of the pooch.  Every time I look at her I feel guilty that she hasn't had a haircut.  Her beard is practically touching the floor.

Since I was once again sitting on the floor, Charlie went to grab a toy.   Gotta squeeze playtime in wherever you can.

I wanted to get a photo of her with the curtain in the background because I thought it would look nice.  Go figure, she wouldn't cooperate.  Oh well, one of these days I'll get a frame-worthy photo.  For now, I'll just be content with what I can get.


  1. We have our windows open too and love the fresh air. Pretty soon Charlie can have a ponytail! She's cute this way!!!