Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anthro Inspiration

When I was in the Philly last weekend, the one request I had of Katie was to go shopping at Anthropologie.  I'm never anywhere near that store, so it was very exciting to be so close.

Anthropologie always has the best decor.  What's so amazing is that it's all decorations are homemade and simple.  The window decorations are just cut circles on string.

I liked it so much I made Teen pose with it.  It's awesome.  I want it in my home, but I sort of want someone else to make it for me.  I have so many other projects on my list right now.

This was hanging over a table.  It's just plastic silverware on strings.  Seriously?  Who would have thought that silverware hung from the ceiling could look awesome?  

Stacked cardboard, plain and simple.  I don't really like the shape of these pieces, but I love the idea.  Its totally doable; all you need is cardboard, glue and spray paint.

So many ideas and so little time!

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  1. I finally got to hit an Anthropologie store when I was in Portland last month and it was so much fun. I used restraint but wasn't easy!