Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sandbox, Part 2

You read here about the building of the sandbox.  Now you get to see the happy ending.

I arrived home Saturday, after a long day of yard saling, just in time to help Dad with the sandbox.  My mind said, "Yay! It's almost done!" and my arms said, "No way Jose."  As we were shoveling, we were sure that Dad had gotten too much sand.  After several discussion we decided to shovel it all in since a) we were mostly missing the sandbox while shoveling and b) we figured some of it would be falling out here and there as it's used.

After a lot of shoveling, we finally had all the sand in the sandbox.  Yes, we even have an umbrella stand in our sandbox.  Actually, we have two so that it can be moved to suit the position of the sun.  We say that it's to protect Cam from the sun, but really it's for us.  We are white, white, white and we need protection.

Charlie was very bored with our shoveling/complaining/laughing, so she made sure to separate herself.  She doesn't like sand.

On Sunday, we introduced Cam to the sandbox.  As soon as I took him outside he headed straight for it, or for those massive "tucks" on the side.  The neighbors brought them down for him to play with.  He loves them.

The kid was so excited he could have had a heart attack.  The trucks are practically as big as him.

Having a baby around is a great excuse to do all the things that adults aren't supposed to do anymore.  And the sandbox is big enough to fit all of us.  Perfect!

We figured Cam approved of the sandbox when he started swimming.  He left the sandbox with a layer of sand covering his entire body, which means...

Bath time!  It's a good thing we shoveled in that extra sand because Camo took half of it to the tub in his diaper.

Many thanks goes to:
Dad: designer, builder, shoveler and umbrella stand driller
Frank: builder and muscles
Mom: shoveler extraordinaire and picture taker

Can't wait to put it to good use again!

ps. Today is my first day back to work.  Eek!  Luckily there are no kiddos today or my lack of sleep would be much harder to deal with.

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