Monday, August 1, 2011

Rearranging the Furniture...again

I recently moved my computer desk into the dining room.  I really wanted it out of the living room, but since I already had a desk in the bedroom, I couldn't fit a second one in there.  I kept craft supplies in the desk in the bedroom and office supplies in the desk in the dining room.

At first I liked it, but the more I was in the dining room the less I liked it.  I just felt like I was secluded in a corner.   Plus, it made the dining room feel very cramped.

I decided to consolidate everything into one desk and move it all into the bedroom, but I didn't want to lose all the work space the kitchen table afforded me.  I discovered a desk from Ikea that was 78 inches long and knew I had my solution.  I would ditch both desks and get my dining room back.

The first step was to clear everything out of both desks.  Seriously?  How did I have all that junk in one desk? I found some interesting things when I was going through this desk, but the most interesting was the second dvd for Pride and Prejudice.  Go figure I find the one I lost over a year ago after getting a new one just six days ago.

What I really love about this Vika desk system from Ikea is that you can build your own desk.  They give you a wide variety of table tops, legs and drawer units.  Once I made my choices, Mom and I got to work.  The goal was to keep the top as clear as possible.

I put all office supplies in the left drawer unit and the craft supplies in the right drawer unit.  To keep the top from being too cluttered I put the printer on a shoe rack under the desk.  Now I have plenty of room for my silhouette machine, computer and still have space leftover.  I've already put it to good use too.


  1. OK - I want one of those desks! You and you're mom are out-organizing me!!!!

  2. Correction to the above comment...I typed the wrong tense of "you're mom" - should have been "your mom" but the statement is still true!