Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday's Market

On Saturday, we took a trip to Saturday's Market.  It's basically a huge flea market.  Though, as big as it is, I was a little disappointed with the selection.

First official picture with the tattoo (more on that later).  Also, please disregard the face I am making.  Thank you.

First purchase of the day.  Charlotte got this record to match her Christmas decorations, namely her bright pink Christmas tree.

And then we found section, otherwise known as tupperware heaven.

We were very excited about this section.  Can you tell?  Love it!

After leaving Saturday's Market, we headed to to Chili's for lunch, then Homegoods and Old Navy.  We ended our day of shopping with a few minutes back at my apartment for some oreo cheesecakes.  They were amazing.

Thanks Est and Char for coming to hang out with me!

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