Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nightstand or Bookshelf?

Now that the old desk is out of my dining room, I feel like I can breath again.  It felt so cramped before.  But seeing the wall of frames without anything under it started me thinking.  I thought it might look nice to have a table underneath the frames.

I'm really happy that Charlie's hotdog made it into this photo.  I think it really adds a touch of elegance to my dining room.

I moved in a bookcase that I had previously been using next to my bed as a makeshift nightstand.  I centered it under the frames then added objects to make it look nice (well, that's debatable).

The nice thing about using furniture you already have is that a) it's free and b) you can easily move it back to where it used to be; no harm, no foul.  I'm not sure if I'm in love with this set up.  I'm going to live with it for a couple days and then make a decision.

I better hurry up and make a choice though because I am in desperate need of a nightstand.

What do you think? Should I leave the bookshelf in the dining room or return it to it's original job as a nightstand?

Also...I recently cleaned up my bookshelf in my room.

It's a hot mess.  There is junk everywhere.  I think as some point in time I tried to make it look nice and ever since then it has collected junk each time I walk in the room.  There's a Christmas ornament on there, pine cones, a box I haven't used in months, text books I haven't used in years, and empty frames.

The "after" shot isn't very drastic, but it's clean and many things were put in the get-rid-of-it-now pile.  Plus I finally cleaned up that stuff that has been sitting on Charlie's crate all summer.  For example, I just put away ten pairs of clean socks that have been laying in a sloppy pile since before school ended.

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