Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi, My Name is Ginner...

and I have a problem.  I like bowls, lots of bowls.  Each one has a specific function, which means I can't get rid of any of them.  Nope.  I'm keeping them all.

I bought the bowl on the left because we always had them growing up and I can't live without them.  Plus, they are perfect M&M bowls.  I bought the bowl on the right from amazon because I thought it was much smaller, oops.  Too bad, not getting rid of it, love it's tiny cuteness.

The bowl on the left is perfect for yogurt and I love it.  I bought the bowl on the right for a candy dish.  Then I discovered that the dog can reach the candy dish and I needed something with a little more height.  I've moved on, but I'm keeping it anyway; mostly because I like the ridge on the top edge.

I bought this bowl because, at the time, I didn't have any bowls that could go into the microwave.  It's perfect for cereal and ice cream.

I bought this bowl from Anthropologie because it's awesome.  Ice cream tastes wonderful when you eat it out of this bowl.  It's mah fav.

I got this bowl with a cheap set of dishes that I've recently trashed, but I kept the bowls.  They are too deep to comfortably eat cereal, but it's perfect for my edamame, which I eat while I'm making dinner.

Now, this wouldn't be that weird, except for the fact that I don't just own one of each.  There is a total 31 bowls in my cabinets, and that doesn't even count the bowls I don't use that often.

Hi, my name is Ginner and I have a problem.  I like bowls, lots of bowls.


  1. I'm having fun catching up on your blogs since I was away for 2 1/2 weeks in Oregon. Guess what I bought at IKEA when I was in Portland? Some new bowls. It runs in the family!!!

  2. Ya know, I was starting to wonder if you had given up on me. I didn't know you were in Oregon! Well, seems like you're back just in time to have a visitor. Mom told me like 3 hours ago that she was going to see you. Way to communicate, Mom.

  3. I went out to help Auntie Sharon through surgery. When she was recovering we had some fun outings because it was OK for her to ride in the car so we did the Oregon Coast (you'd get some great photos at the coast...beautiful) and IKEA (of course), went back to our old grade school and junior high in Dallas, and saw lots of fun stuff in the Pacific NW. And yes, she's arriving sometime soon and I'm trying to find out just when myself. I'll never give up on you and Charlie, Gin!! Just didn't always have a computer handy this trip.

  4. I meant to say your mom is arriving sometime soon but sounded like I meant Auntie Sharon. I think I need to email you next time instead of trying to make a long comment on your blog. Ya think?

  5. Hi, My name is Barbara and I have a bowl addition too. Vintage coloured ones are my favourite. I actually put some away for a year or so and then surprise myself by finding them hidden in one of the basement storage areas. Strange obsession.