Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie Upgrade

Living in an apartment all by myself has taught me something very important: the little things matter.  Changing small things here and there can really change how I feel in my space.  Organizing the storage closet has motivated me to keep it clean and now I don't dread going in there.  Adding my wall of frames makes me smile when I walk into the dining room.  So I decided Charlie needed an upgrade.

I didn't upgrade Charlie (that's just not possible, she's awesome).  Charlie has recently decided that the automatic feeder just wasn't cutting it.  She basically stopped eating.  So I switched up her food and put the feeder away, which means I actually have to fill her bowl every morning and night.  It's annoying, but I'm over it.

I decided to replace the old, mismatched bowls with these new, classy white bowls.  I found them at Target for $4 each, much cheaper than an actual dog bowl.  I also upgraded Charlie's food container.  I used to have a white plastic container that I was ashamed to have in plain sight.  This blue trash can from Ikea is nice enough to be in the open and it holds way more food (BONUS)!  Don't worry, it's not staying in that spot.  It's been tucked away so I don't trip over it each time I walk out of my bedroom.

Charlie's collar also got an upgrade.  Can you tell which one is old and which one is new?  Yeah, tough one.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I had that light pink collar for over a year.  Not impressed?  Take into consideration two things: 1) I spoil my dog and 2) a collar is her only fashion accessory.  See what I mean? A year is a long time for one collar.

I'm not a huge fan of pink collars, but my pooch looks like a boy dog and her name is Charlie; a double whammy.  So pink it is! And yet, people still think she's a boy.

Charlie loves her new upgrades as much as I do.  She likes to feel like royalty and as you can see, she's pretty into herself.

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  1. Haha nice pic at the end. And sorry Charlie, you do look like a dude- but we still love you!