Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 - 1956 = I hate math

Today is my mom's birthday.  Since I will be at work before she wakes up and won't get to call her until after school, this is me officially saying "HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY MOM!"  Just kidding.  She's not 70.  Not even close, but it is really her birthday.

My mom is the best.  When I was about 11, I was over at a friend's house and she invited me to spend the night.  I didn't want to stay over, but I didn't have a good excuse and my guilt kicked in.  I didn't want to be mean.  So...I called my mom.  I couldn't tell her outright that I didn't want to stay over because my friend was in the room.  The conversation went like this:

Me: "Hi Mom, Marge wants me to spend the night."
Mom: "Do you want to?"
Me: "I don't have my toothbrush."
Mom: "No, you can't stay over.  Tell her I said you can't."

An absent toothbrush wasn't the reason she said no.  She could tell I wasn't feelin the whole sleepover thing.  I swear, moms can read your mind.   Even now, when I don't want to do something she lets me blame it on her.  I don't use this excuse anymore, but it's nice to know I always have it.

When I was little, Mom, Char and I had the house to ourselves for the weekend.  For some reason, the rest of the family was gone.  I have no idea where they all were, but it doesn't really matter.

This was back when dvds had first started coming out and we didn't even own a dvd player.  Mom decided to give us a special movie night. We rented a dvd player and several movies from the best video store ever, El Video.

We moved a table into the living room and enjoyed our homemade ham and pilaf while watching The Mask of Zorro.  I remember feeling so special that night.  One of the best movie nights ever.

Happy Birthday Mom!

You're favorite daughter named Virginia

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