Friday, July 22, 2011

The Wall

My latest project has been the wall above my dining room table and also, these pictures.  I've been trying to find a way to frame these photos for weeks!  They are hard to frame because they aren't the average size; they are 7x7.  And unless I want to lose some of the photo, I can't frame them in the normal frames.

I picked up these canvases at AC Moore.  I got the smaller ones for $5.99 each.  The larger 2 were on sale for $6.97 total.  I was going to hunt down square frames, but the cheapest one I've found is $15.  There's no way I'm buying 5 frames for that price.

The next step was getting them up on the wall.  I have some empty frames up on the wall, but I'll get to those eventually.

As you can see I framed the two photos from Boston on a large canvas.  What a great trip.  I'm glad I finally got these pictures up because I love them!

It's nice to finally have something on this wall. It was so blank and boring.  I still might add more, but so far I'm satisfied.

I also love that I get to see the following photos everyday...


  1. It's fun to watch your wall and dining area take on a whole new look. For a girl who wears patio dresses, you have great taste in decorating.

  2. Hi! Found your blog through pinterest! Just wanted to say that I love your wall <3

  3. I am a little confused about how you transferred the puffy paint from the wax paper to the canvas. Any tips?

  4. Amber, thank you for the compliment! And thanks for visiting my blog!

    Julie, After the puffy paint dried I peeled the shapes off of the wax paper, put mod podge on the back, and then placed it on the camvas. I dont have a fancy method, I just eyeball it. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Hello! I have a few questions for you...
    How did you attach the photos to the canvases?
    Did you prep/paint the canvas at all?
    Did you add a top layer over the photos for protection?
    What kind of paper are the photos printed on?
    Thanks - and Happy Tuesday!

  6. Hi Meagan,
    I just attached the photos to the canvas using masking tape. I eventually want to get real frames, so I didn't use anything more permanent. Though, I do see the photos aren't sticking evenly, but I'm sure more masking tape would help.

    I didn't prep/paint at all. I bought the canvases white and they stayed white.

    I didn't add a top layer. This is just a cheap (and hopefully not permanent) solution to my problem, so I didn't add any protection.

    I actually have no idea what sort of paper they are printed on. I have a Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and the Hipstamatic company does the printing and then they are mailed to me.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting!


  7. I love it, it looks awesome!

    are these pictures from instagram? If so, where did you print them from?

  8. Hi Renvie, I'm glad you like it! The photos are actually from the Hipstamatic app (it's my favorite!). You print them through the app from the phone. I still can't believe my little phone could take such good pictures! Thanks for stopping by! -Virginia

  9. Buy frames at your nearest thrift store and then paint them the color you want. Their frames are like $1.00 each and if it's super nice but has an ugly picture inside, take out the pic and put your own in. It's what I do all the time. great project though, i like it.