Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trixie and Charlie

Say Hello to Trixie.  She lives next door to Mom and Dad.  She is Charlie's best friend.  They are best friend's for the simple reason that Trixie is the only dog that Charlie gets along with.  Well, Trixie is the only dog persistent enough to break through Charlie's leave-me-alone attitude.

Here's how it works.  Trixie annoys Charlie so that Charlie gets up.  Then Trixie rolls over and Charlie prowls in circles around her.  Then eventually they get up and play chase.  Trixie runs and Charlie tries to catch her.  Poor Charlie, she never does catch Trixie.

Trixie loves Charlie and Charlie loves Trixie.  Well, Charlie loves Trixie when she stays at a distance.  Charlie didn't want to share her towel.

Even if Trixie wasn't cute, tiny, cuddly and sweet, I would still love her for the simple fact that she tires Charlie out.


  1. Trixie, aka Junior, is adorable. What a cute pair.

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