Friday, July 8, 2011

Something Blue

Day 11: Something Blue
I know this isn't very artistic, but it's definitely something blue.
ps. My sad mirror is still sad and on the floor.  Poor guy.

I made this weekly calendar for Est and Char last Christmas.  Esther's is orange and Char's is gray.  But I had forgotten that I made one for myself.  I've really been wanting to change what used to be in this frame.

Which was this little bird.  I made the bird out of paper and added a quote from my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice.  I like it, but I was definitely getting sick of it.

It's my new weekly planner.  Just add in the dates and you're off!  Did you know you can write on glass with dry erase markers?  I did.

The inspiration for this project was Pantone chips.  I even added the specific Pantone number for the colors I used.  Guess I can cross off "something blue" from my Photo Challenge checklist.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about Day 10 of the Photo Challenge.  I was a little late getting my photos since I left them at my parent's house, so Day 10 will be coming after Day 11.

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  1. That's cute! And blue's my favorite color. :) ~~Rhonda