Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day 10 & 12

Day 10: Childhood Memory
I don't know about you, but Fisher Price toys played a pivotal role in my development.  They gave me the opportunity to create real life situations with plastic toys so that I could work through the possible consequences of my actions.

Ha, right.

These toys were the best because there was a barn that mooed when you opened the doors, a pool, a school, a house and a hospital.  We also had an airport and a helicopter.  When you put the helicopter in the right place and turned the satelite dish on the airport, the helicopter blades spun.  Not too mention all the other cool toys.  Cameron loves these toys and when Cam plays with them I have an excuse to play with them too.

Day 12: Sunset
Charlie and I went for a ride to get this photo.  I realized at 8:30 that I hadn't completed the assignment for the day.  So we went for a drive to look for a good photo.  I pulled the car over, turned on the flashers and started shooting.

Charlie loves going for a ride.  I love the back of Charlie's ears because they are super cute, but the view of the mirror is my fav.  Look at that little pooch thoroughly enjoying the ride.

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  1. I especially love that shot of Charlie...that back of her head and then you see her cute little face in the mirror. Pretty good shot, Gin!!!