Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homegoods with my bff

The other day I took a trip to see Kristin so we could have a girls day out.  It was a scorcher.  As soon as we got in the car we were crankin the ac.  We started with lunch at Panera and then headed to Homegoods.

We meandered around the store for about 2 hours and left spending a total of $8.  We had a system, work our way around the outer section and then zig-zag through the middle.  The lighting section is always one of my favorites.  It's so warm and cozy.

We stayed in the bathroom section for quite a while...for obvious reasons.  That rug felt amazing on your toes.  We loved it.  A lot.

We stopped and stared at these fans for about 10 minutes.  Each of us trying to figure out where we could put one if we got it.

We may have left without the fans, but we had a great time judging/looking/critiquing/laughing at Homegoods. If you ever go, spend some time in the Library Decor section, it's a good laugh.

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