Monday, July 18, 2011

Frame Makeover

Lately, I've been collecting frames to redo and revamp.  The 5 smaller frames were found at Goodwill and cost me a total of $3.  I've had the larger frame for quite some time.  In it is a picture of my mom.  If you ask her about it, she can tell you all about those flowers and were she used to find them.  I love this picture of her, but I don't like the frame or mat.

I took out each piece of glass and gave it a thorough cleaning.  The glass that belongs in the oval frames had bits and pieces of picture stuck to it, but that came off easy enough with a little scrape from my exacto knife.

The first step was to give them all a coat of white primer.  I set up a spray painting area outside and got to work.  Then I let them dry outside for 30 minutes.  Notice that I also have my calla out there; it's been in need of some good sunlight.

When I brought the big frame inside, I finished it off with one coat of white interior wall paint.  I'll tell you more about the smaller frames later, maybe.  There's really not much to tell.  I painted 2 blue, one tan and one white.  The end.

First step in my mat makeover was cutting a piece of paper large enough to fit the mat.  I left about 1/2 inch on the inside and outside to have room to fold it over.  I didn't worry about getting a clean edge because you won't see it.  Then I cut a slit at each corner at a 45 degree angle from the mat.

Say hello to Elmer.  Elmer and I do a lot of work together.  I used to use wet glue or mod podge because I thought it would give me a better bond.  Welp, I ended up using good ol' stick glue and I've never looked back.

I used stick glue on the front of the mat to get it to stick to the paper.

Then I added a layer of glue to the back of each edge (inside and out) and folded back the paper.  Once again, its a little messy, but you won't see that anyway.  I had to use masking tape on one side because there was a layer of scotch tape that was preventing the stick glue from doing it's job.

Last step was to add my mom back into the frame and put it all together.  I love the final look.  The frame is a little beat up, but I like it.   Oh look, one of my little frames.  This is the only one I've put up so far.

The frames aren't centered over the table because this is a work in progress.  I plan on getting more frames and building everything out from the picture of Charlie.  I guess I could wait until I have everything I need before putting them up, but where's the fun in that?  And I'm definitely not that patient.

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  1. You're a skilled person. You did a great job on that frame makeover thing. I wish I could do that also.