Monday, June 27, 2011


Disclaimer: I do not have my good camera because, well, I left it at my parent's house.  So my pictures will be a little out of focus.  

Since writing the above, I have been reunited with my camera and all is well.  Amen.  To you it only felt like 2 minutes, but in actuality it was 2 days.

I've been getting a little bored of the way my apartment is set up.  So I decided to switch things up.

I moved the computer desk into the dining room.  I love that right now, there is sun shining in on me from behind the computer and not glaring on the screen.  I love that the computer desk and chair do not take up half the living room anymore.  I am still getting used to this and in a week, I may move it all back.  But for now, my muscles are too tired to do it all again.

Since I moved the computer desk into the dinging room I moved the hutch into the living room.   I like that there is natural light shining in on the hutch.  I like that it leaves more space for moving around and makes  the living room feel more open.  But again, I'm not totally sold on this.

I guess I'll have to move that picture.  It doesn't exactly fit in it's current spot.

There were a few challenges for this move.  The most difficult thing was doing it all on my own.  I would definitely have gone twice as fast with two people.  It was also difficult because it took me a few minutes just to separate the two hutch pieces.  They were stuck together.  I also had a hard time moving the desk.  It's a good desk, but it's not sturdy.  Moving it is a bit tricky, I'm always worried it's going to collapse.  Plus, the sucker ways about 400 lbs.

Also, I found a spider graveyard underneath the hutch.  Umm...gross.

Charlie wasn't too into the whole working thing, so she just laid around all day.  Looks like I need to add "purge Charlie's toys" to my to-do list.

Charlie took a break from sleeping all day to give me a kiss.  Thanks pooch.


  1. I love the whole move. I get the same way where I just need to see my stuff in different places. BUT, in my living room I can't figure out any other configuration so I leave it. I think the rearrangement looks great!!! Also, your new computer chair is perfect at that desk. Glad you found that and looks comfortable too. So for what it's worth, I definitely think your new arrangement works!!!

  2. You can really appreciate what you own when you can move it around...freshens up the space! Love the fur baby! :)