Monday, June 20, 2011

Operation: Coasters

A few weekends ago, Mel came over for a visit.   It was wonderful, we started a photography project together, hung out, watched movies and made coasters.  We started with white tiles, Mod Podge, paper, paper cutter, scissors, sponge brushes, clear sealer (gloss finish) and felt.

We started by choosing our papers and cutting them to size.  The tiles were 4.25x4.25, so we cut our paper to 3.75x3.75.

We followed the steps found here.  After several layers of Mod Podge we sprayed the tiles with the clear sealer.  We sprayed them outside, but then it started to rain so we brought them inside.  In about 3 seconds we realized that the smell was completely overwhelming, we grabbed the essentials (phones and the dog) and hunkered down in the bedroom for the night.

The next morning promised more of the same rain, but I was determined to enjoy my living room.  After a second coat of sealer, I placed an umbrella over them in case it started raining before we noticed and could get them inside.

After the sealer was dry (and non-stinky) we added the felt to the bottom.  I didn't have fabric-tac or wet glue, so we used stick glue and had zero problems getting everything to stick.

We love them!  Mel chose 5 different patterns and I did mine all the same.  Isn't she a great model?  I chose to wear mine as earrings, since I love them so much.


  1. they rock. i'm so in love with them! i want to make them for everyone i know!! haha.

  2. I made these a few years ago and it turns out the modge podge doesn't do well with 'sweating' glasses.. it makes the paper warp. Or it did for me.