Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My newest project

Say hello to my newest project.  I got this painting at goodwill for a meager $4...for good reason of course.

The mat has stains and the frame is scratched. 

The painting is cracked, but I just love the colors.  I'm not really a beach person and if this had been more expensive, I would have walked right by.  But $4? I'm sold.

Don't worry, I have plans for this little purchase.  I plan on painting the frame and mat a light gray color.  It's the one on the left in the picture above (it's hard to see the grayness of it, but this is just a bad photo).  I was going to paint it white, but it's going to be hanging on a white wall so I wanted it to have more color...but not much.

By the time I was done taking these photos, Charlie was ready for some playtime.


  1. OK...those eyes!! Great picture of Charlie. Does she need a new chicken?

  2. Someone should warn Charlie that chicken is a lot less fattening than hot dogs! I love your picture idea!