Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hipsta Love

Umm...my hipstamatic prints are AMAZING (say in sing-songy voice).

From this....

To this.

Seven square inches of AMAZING (yup, same sing-songy voice).

It's a mat finish that looks absolutely fabulous.

I am in love with these prints and these girls (of course).

I figured they would turn out nice, but I never thought my little iphone could take such good pictures.  I have a feeling there are more hipstamatic prints in my future.

It even comes with cute packaging that acts as a frame.  I'm officially in love.  Now all I have to do is find a way to frame the other five photos...


  1. The hipstamatic app on my phone has a print feature. You just tell it which photos you want to print, put in your info, and you're good to go! You can find the instructions here: