Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Friday was a beautiful day, so we spent some time outside.  We took a golf cart ride where Cameron pointed out all of the good stuff along the way.

Cameron is stubborn, he gets it from both sides of the family (poor little guy).  He refuses to walk on his own even though we know he can do it.

As soon as you let go of him, he sits down.  C'mon Camo!

Hey Cam, stop feeding the dog leaves.

Charlie loves being outside, but she hasn't quite figured out how this rope works yet.

This is the view that I love.  I don't know how people live in the city.


  1. I love all these pics, that was a fun afternoon: )

  2. I love your house and it's location. That is such a neat picture of Charlie looking out over the field. Beautiful. Cam just gets cuter and soon as he's ready...he'll walk!!! I remember helping your mom learn to walk. We'd just take her hands and hold her up and have her walk fast, fast, fast and one day she just took off on her own.