Monday, May 23, 2011

Something small and wonderful

My work keys have been a constant pain in my butt.  The key card and ID had a hole for the key ring, but it quickly broke.  Every time I pull my keys out of my pocket the card and the keys separate.  Lovely.  I have been searching for a card holder since October, no lie.  I had some strict rules for this card holder.

1. It has to be small because it has to fit in my back pocket.
2. It has to be thin because it has to fit in my back pocket.
3. It has to be cute just because it has to be cute.

Finding a card holder to fit that description has been surprisingly difficult.  I started with all the usual suspects: Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart and Target.  No such luck.  This weekend I was out shopping with some friends and we went into a store with some Vera Bradly purses.  I found this perfect little luggage tag and knew my long search had finally come to a wonderful end.

All I had to do was attach the key ring, use pliers to fix the stretched out key ring, cut off the long handle and.... viola!  A small, thin and even cute card holder is born.

Also, look how good my calla lilies are doing!


  1. Love it! If ya ever go again pick me up one if ya don't mind! I can even give ya the moolah up font if ya want (with the two girls and being as cheap as I am I don't get out shopping much! Lol)

  2. i love it!! and i loooove your calas! they are GORGEOUS. great pics, gin :) i'm jealous ;)