Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Under Attack

Welcome to my patio jungle war zone.  The weather has been so lovely lately that I have been finding excuses to spend time on the patio.  But the patio is not very pleasing to the eye.  One of these days those plants will cover the whole patio and start making their way into my apartment.

Spending time on the patio comes with some problems.  The main problem is that Charlie is constantly looking for escape.  The corner where there are no plants is a very dangerous corner.  If she really wanted to, she could scoot right under and be gone in a flash.  And, if you own a terrier, you know how frightening that thought can be.

Then she spends the rest of the time trying to figure out if she can fit through.  She searches out the lowest points of grass and then stalks it.  This is one of those times when being chubby is a good thing.  If she was 15 lbs, like a healthy border terrier, then she'd fit right through.  Oh Charlie, I love your chub.

Another reason I love spending time out there is my fuchsia plant.  It's beautiful.  I've never seen a flower like this and I love it.  I don't usually want plants, but recently I've had the need to care for something.  A flower is low maintenance and beautiful.  Perfect.

Another downside of the patio - a horrible view.  Those flowers (yes, they are flowers) bloom for about a week and then I get to stare at this all summer.  If I even remotely had a green thumb, I'd rip them out in a heartbeat.

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