Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tour of Boston

Esther and I started our vacation by walking the Freedom Trail.  We downloaded an app for $3 that gave us information about each stop.  The app was great and came in really handy.  This is me at our first stop - Boston Commons.

Next we headed to a famous graveyard where many famous men and women are buried.  Even Mother Goose is buried there.  Or was it her sister?  The details on that one were a little sketchy.

This was Esther's favorite building.  The architecture is incredible, but I don't remember what this building is.  If I remember right, it's an old city hall that is now used by the democratic party.  Don't quote me on the city hall part, but I'm definitely right about the democratic party part.

They have a statue out front of a donkey.  In front of the donkey there is a plaque on the ground with two foot prints, an elephant and the words "Stand in Opposition."  So we did.

It's hard to see the little elephant because of the lighting, but he's there under my right food.

This was one of the parks we passed through on the Freedom Trail.  There is literally a red brick line that you follow throughout the entire walk.  It's pretty impossible to get lost.  If you look at the sidewalk in this photo you can just make out the line.

This is the smalled house in Boston.  It's 10 feet wide on the outside and 6-8 feet wide on the inside.  I don't know how anyone could live there.  Too little!!

This is the USS Constitution, the oldest floating warship in the world.  We took a free tour of the ship.  The conditions the men had to endure were incredible.  Did you ever hear the expression "hit the head" when referring to going to the bathroom?  That comes from ships like this.  When you went to the bathroom, you went to the head of the ship and leaned over the side to do your business.  Hopefully you had good balance.  Then the waves crashing on the front of the ship would clean things off.  Gross.  Also, the terms "loose cannon" and "skuttlebutt" come from these ships as well.

This was definitely one of my favorite stops.

If Esther could have taken these doors home as a souvenir she would have.

We also went to the cheers bar on our trip.  It's got the real bar from the show.  Very cool.  This is where I had my first and last bloody mary.  Never again.

Then we took a ride through Boston to get back to Faneuil Hall.  It was freezing, but fun.

Going to a baseball game at Fenway Park was number one on our to-do list.  Too bad it was 35 degrees and we were dressed for 50 degree weather.  We left at the bottom of the fourth because we couldn't feel our faces. 

On our last day in Boston we took an ipod tour of the harbor.  It was really interesting and, best of all, free. 

We stopped at this sculpture to take some pictures.  The ipod tour told us that on a hot day, you can fry an egg on this.  We weren't sure if you were allowed to step on them...

But we did it anyway.

Boston is an incredible town with so much history and interest!  I can't wait to go back!

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