Saturday, April 30, 2011

Franklin with Cameron

We went to the Franklin Institute last Friday for Esther's birthday celebration.  As a family, we love the Franklin Institute, it's right up our alley.  Showing us how things work? Perfect!  But having Cam along made it even better.  And aside from one freak out, everything went smoothly.  Mom had Camo put his hand on something that she thought was just vibrating, when in fact it was putting little electric shocks through his hand.  Cam wasn't a big fan of that.  But he's a tough guy and recovered quickly.

He liked pushing the buttons...on everything.

Dad and Cam in the train room.

Charlotte made it all five miles without her train exploding.  Good job Char!

We went through the Giant heart as a family and then I took Cam again because I just can't get enough of that heart.  Thought it may not look like it here, Cam had a blast.

This is Dad shocking someone back to life.  For some reason, he looks guilty.

Crawling through an artery.  Memories being, I love being cheesy.

Man I love that face.

The rents.

The kids.

Don't worry, we didn't let Cam do anything he wanted all the time; just most of the time.

This wall was all about cellphones.  The red lights are little antenna's that picked up radio waves from phones.   You're supposed to put your phone next to the wall and watch the antenna's pick up the signal.

I'd say it works!

Esther and Char checked their vertical in the Sports section.  In Esther's defense, I didn't time her picture as well as I did Charlotte's.  But Char still won.

Once again, pushing buttons.  I love those beefy hands.

We had a great day. Good idea Esther!!

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