Monday, March 21, 2011

The Reveal

Cameron's birthday party was Sunday.  So I finally got to give him his present.

This shirt has no particular story, I just liked the design.

Frank has a Pink Bike shirt that he wears almost every other day (or so it seems).  I felt it was appropriate that his son have one as well.

Once again, not a lot of meaning, but every boy needs a tractor shirt.

This was actually attempt number two of a tie.  The design for the first one was not very good.   It didn't have a stripe and the "one" looked like "ode."  It needed to be redone, and I'm much happier with the second attempt.

I had been planning on doing a shirt with the words "italian stallion" but I quickly changed my mind.  I assumed the term referred to Sylvester Stallone or a strong Italian.  Boy was a I wrong.  If you don't know what it means, take a look at urban dictionary.  Enough said.

But of all the presents that Cam got, he liked his bike the best.


  1. I can't wait to put him in all of these! Maybe I'll just change his outfit like 10 times in one day.

  2. K, next step is to have him pose in each of these outfits. I'd love to see him in them!! They are super cute Gin!!

    Maybe I'll start reproducing just so I can get me some of these babies =)