Monday, March 7, 2011

Pillow Fail

Mom and I have been doing a lot of sewing lately.  Ok, Mom has been sewing and I have been scheming.  After seeing Cam's gorgeous quilt, I wanted one of my own.  I'm not sure Mom knew what she was getting into when she said yes.  I'm not a perfectionist in the average sense.  My self-diagnosis is tetrisitis.  Things need to fit together perfectly.  If not, well, I just can't handle it.  I even organize my sock drawer.

All that said, Mom and I started sewing a pillow cover Saturday night using some leftover scraps from my quilt.  Major pillow fail!  Mom measured, I designed, we both cut, and Mom did all the sewing.

Pretty much every step went wrong:
1. Mom measured the pillow wrong.
2. I designed my pillow wrong.
3. Mom helped me cut, but I was in charge of the measurements - which I got wrong.
4. Mom did a fantastic job of sewing, but I looked at the final piece and realized I didn't like how the fabrics ended up.  Mom, being the patient mother that she is, took it apart and redid it to appease my tetrisitis.
5. Because we moved a row in the middle we had to move a row at the bottom.
6. Because our measurements were wrong we ended up cutting off the bottom row anyway.
7. See, everything went wrong.

Even though we messed up every step, we still ended up with a fantastic pillow.  By the way, it looks awesome on my couch.


  1. This is a crack-up but hey, the pillow looks great. You know I'm the only one in my family who doesn't sew so anyone who sews amazes me how it can be fun or how they do it. But that pillow looks awesome and how about a picture of your finished quilt?!!!