Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting my hands dirty

My drive home from work yesterday was definitely not something I enjoyed.  I walked out of school to a flat tire.  Oh yes, what a super fun way to end the day! Luckily, Lisa helped me change the tire and put on the spare.  I don't know what brilliant mind invented that thing, but I have something to say about it.  What the heck were they thinking?  I might as well have driven home on a tire from a kid's tricycle.  In fact, the tricycle tire might be bigger.

My dad, who is normally 90 minutes away, was only 20 minutes away.  Sweet!  He came by to help me out.  Thank goodness for dads.

The first step was to determine the problem.  While pumping air into the tire, dump a little soapy water on the potential hole.  If bubbles appear, you have found the problem.  Looks like we found it.

After getting a tire repair kit from Walmart, we plugged the hole and it was time to put the tire back on.

Let's just say that I now know how to change a tire, but let's leave out the part where Dad and I had a piece left over...

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