Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Monkeyshine

Esther, the Culberts and I headed to the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday to enjoy some time together and the beautiful weather.  This was attempt number one at a photo of all the kiddies.

This is attempt number four.  We can't seem to get everyone to be smiling at the same time, so why not have some fun with it?  

I have never been this close to a lion before. And let me tell you, I'm very glad there was glass between us.

It must be tough being a giraffe.  Bending down is hard work.  See the pile of poo in the bottom corner?  Lukey saw that and then this conversation happened:

Lukey: "Why do you give us that much chocolate chips?"
Esther: "Those aren't chocolate chips."

We took one last picture of the Culbert fam as we got ready to leave the park.  Once again, everyone is doing their own thing.  

On our way out we passed a wall of graffiti.  Emily saw a photo opportunity and posed.  Her shoes even matched the wall! 

Esther has a good picture of me and a gorilla on her phone, but you'll just have to wait on that one.

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  1. What a great outing and pictures. Ask your mom about our trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa and how close we got to lions while we were driving in our car!