Sunday, February 27, 2011


This blog was in desperate need of some updating.  I've changed a few things dealing with the look of the blog, but I've also changed the name.

This blog is now titled "Virginia & Charlie."  Soon I'll be changing the link as well.

The new link will be  I'm not going to do it right away, since I don't know who follows this blog, or if anyone follows it.  Part of the reason for changing the name was that the old name just didn't fit my current posts.  I wanted something more generic.

I'm happy with the new look and name.  How bout you?


  1. I follow your blog - if I count! I check it out frequently and love to see what my beautiful niece and her beautiful dog-daughter are up to! I love the things you're creating these days. That is a nice end table you got too. Your place is looking mighty nice Ginner!

  2. I like the new name lots. I follow! You just need to post to facebook when you do an update so that I remember to check it.

  3. I follow & I love the new look!! :) And if you don't post it to facebook, my gmail reader tells me when you've updated. ah, gmail love <3