Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uh Oh, I'm in trouble.

I found it. 

Don't tell Mom, but I found Charlie's coat.  The coat I lost months ago.  The coat the I searched everywhere for; living room, closets, bedroom, bathroom, storage area and kitchen (I searched each place at least 3 times).   And the whole time it was right there, in my laundry room, I place I go every day.  

Mom kept asking "Did you find the bag you kept her stuff in?"  Hey Mom, guess what, I found the bag.

Can you guess what was in the bag?  Charlie's coat.  

Mom lovingly bought Charlie a new coat for Christmas and she looks very nice in it.   I love both coats.

When I told Charlie the news, she looked at me, took a drink and then walked away.  She could care less, but I was very excited!

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