Sunday, January 9, 2011


Me: "Hi, my name is Ginner and I'm addicted to the Silhouette machine."

Everyone else: "Hi Ginner."

These bookmarks are my latest project.  Mom said that she wanted some bookmarks for her cook books.  So I made some with the weekdays to help her stay organized (like she needs any help). Technically, the bookmarks in this picture are for Esther.  

Mom's bookmarks have a spool of thread on them instead of a bird.

The whole point of this machine is to recycle the little pieces.  So that is what I did.  I took the bird cut outs from Esther's bookmarks and made tags.  

I think I need to start using a different backdrop for these pictures.  I'm too accessible to Charlie and the carpet is pretty freaking ugly.  I always take my pics here because I get natural lighting that is diffused by my curtains, so it's not too harsh.

But Charlie thinks that picture time is play time.

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