Monday, January 10, 2011


The bookmarks from my previous post were not the first ones I made, but  they were my favorites.  I started with a design that I did not like once it was all put together.  So I threw them out and started from scratch.

This is the next set I made; a set for Charlotte.  The days of the week are in Spanish and there is a little mushroom in the bottom corner.  Char has a thing for mushrooms.

This was a learning experience for me.  I thought it would be easier to see the words if the pattern was on the bottom layer, but I was wrong.  I think this design might have worked if  the top layer was darker.  I still like how they turned out, though.

I think my favorite part of these bookmarks is the different mushrooms and the pattern on the paper.

And since I'm all about using the scarps, I created tags for Char to use.

I decided to put the mushrooms on the plain side so that both sides had something interesting.

I'm having way too much fun with this machine.  Unfortunately, all the fun I'm having at my desk means that the apartment is being seriously neglected.  Anyone want to volunteer to clean?  Yeah, I wouldn't volunteer either.  It's pretty bad.

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