Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've realized over the past two years that being an adult is more complicated than it looks.  I think maybe I always knew this, but I just figured I'd be good at it right away.  After two years, I think I'm finally on my way to getting it.  There are definitely days when spending extra money at Target seems like a wonderful idea...until I get home and check my account.  I still have panic attacks that I have forgotten to pay my rent or missed my alarm for work.  But overall, I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

My parents, who are so gracious and giving, paid for my college education, something I am grateful for more and more each day.  I left West Chester without a single bill staring me down. I began my career with a clean slate.  I was debt free and on my way to adulthood!  And then I tried to buy a couch.  A simple, small, $700 couch from Sam's.  Just something to get me started.  CREDIT DENIED.  Then I applied for a loan.  DENIED.  Then I applied for several different credit cards.  DENIED! DENIED! DENIED!  Are you seeing a trend?  Me too.  I couldn't even get a Target card.  Since when did Target have such high standards?  Though my credit score was great, my credit history was nonexistent.  I was finally approved for a secured deposit loan (long story, too boring, not telling it).  Seven months after my first attempt, I went couch shopping again.

I am finally getting a couch.  But not just any couch, this is the couch of my dreams.  It's completely my style and completely comfortable.  It even comes with a cute baby who constantly tries to escape.

I will also be getting this chair and an ottoman.  All will arrive in February in the fabulously wonderful color Mineral.  I can't wait.

Here is where I tell you the most exciting part of this whole experience.  It wasn't when I finally decided to go for it.  It wasn't when Cam sat on the couch and I pictured us cuddling while watching Toy Story.  And it wasn't when I laid down and realized the amazing naps I am going to take.

Those were all fantastic, but nope, no favorite there.

It happened when I was waiting for my credit to be approved.  Before walking away the salesman said "This could be a few minutes."  As soon as he walked away the little credit check box showed something I never thought I'd see.  I looked at my mom and excitedly whispered "Holy S!&* I got approved."

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