Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Philly

I got an email from Esther on Friday saying "this is your last chance to come to Philly with us tomorrow."  She has been planning a trip to Philly with Char, Frank and Cam.  I had been saying no because I was going to be driving home the next Wednesday and I couldn't afford the gas.

As I was writing her back to say no again, I figured, why not?  I'm very glad I changed my mind.  Though the city is not my favorite place (Esther and Char can attest to that), we had a great time.  And just in case you don't frequent Facebook, here are a few of the pictures we took (and by "a few" I really mean "a ton").

This is the elevator at Anthropologie.  The cuteness of the decor definitely made up for the scariness of the elevator. 

Taking a chilly walk in Philly.  Cam was all bundled up and loving it.  We were loving how cute he looked all bundled up.

Waiting for the light show to start at Macy's.
We pretty much just took pictures the whole day.

Cam loves water bottles and Char apparently loves Macy's.

One of my favorites.

Frozen drinking chocolate.  It was truly delicious and very filling.

The label on the back of the board said "Christkind Angel" and "Santa."  But it should have said "armless princess" and "judge."

Another one of my favorites.  Those eyes!  They kill me!

This cheesesteak was truly delicious.  I want another.  Right now.
 Cam enjoyed the show.

Esther enjoyed watching Cam enjoy the show.

Oh the baby cheeks.


Super cute picture with very pretty colors.

Another adorable photo.

All bundled up.

He was flirting with the lady next to us and she liked it very much.  

Aunt Esther gives a good ride.

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