Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Signs of Loneliness

When I have parent-teacher conferences I sign Charlie up to get groomed, which means she spends two nights with Mom.  It works out perfectly because I have to stay at school until 8pm.  Charlie can't be in the kitchen that long without a potty break, so Mom would come babysit for me.  But getting her groomed has worked out perfectly.  Then when I get her back she is clean and not at all stinky.  There is a downside to all of this, Charlie spends 2 full nights away from me.

Two nights away from me.  Two lonely nights.  Two long, lonely nights.

Don't get me wrong, I relish every minute.  It's like I've got this new energy.  I can make my dinner without stepping on her feet.  I don't have to listen to her chew each individual piece of food from her bowl.  I can clean the place up and not have Charlie dumping toys in every room.

But it makes me sad to see all the toys in their place.   I miss having her at my heels when I walk around.  I miss her begging demanding food.

Seeing her feeder full of food makes me sad.  Who is going to cuddle with me tonight?  Who is going to curl up under the covers with me whether she likes it or not?  At least I know she will be well fed and well loved...maybe too well fed.  Friday afternoon better come quick.

On another note:  who in their right mind picks that color carpet?  Is it pink? Is it beige? Is it a mistake?  I think the actual name for this color is "bleck."

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