Saturday, November 13, 2010


After almost five years, I have found that the best way for remembering my brother is not through pictures, but through his possessions.

This is a picture of the wall above my tv.  This is how I remember Zack.

The shelf is from his room.  Whenever I would be at the table doing homework, I had to constantly yell at him to shut his door.  He would be listening to Live or Pearl Jam and dancing around his room.  I like having something from his room in my apartment.

The clown nose is from a day I had spent in the hospital with him.  We were sitting in his room and a clown knocks on the door and asks to come in.  We looked at each other skeptically and Zack, being the polite guy that he was, said yes.  The clown comes in, goes through a skit about nose surgery, and places the clown nose on Zack.  Let's just say that Zack was non too thrilled, but he just sat patiently and waited for the clown to leave.  We laughed more when the clown was gone than when he was entertaining us.  Zack was 22, did the guy really think he needed a clown to cheer him up? 

The cleats are some that Zack had displayed in his room.  Soccer was a big part of life in our family and I like having his cleats hanging there.  He used to treat them like they were golden; washing, oiling and protecting them.  

The same goes for the LeTourneau soccer shirt.  It's a nice reminder of what Zack loved to do. 

The tie was a Christmas gift from me to him.  He opened that present early so that he would have something to wear to the Christmas Eve service at church.  It looked very nice on him. 

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  1. I like knowing the specific memories that go with his things: )