Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates

You've got a brand new key

Mom, Char and I were discussing a song that was playing on a commercial.  We were deciding whether the song was old or new.  Mom was telling us that, when she was growing up, you had to have a key to tighten the roller skate onto your shoe (correct me if I'm wrong Mom).  I've been listening to this song for the past few days.  Needless to say, I love the song, but it got me thinking about how much things have changed and I have made a decision.

If I were to chose the decade I grew up in, it would definitely have been the 40's.  Seriously, how can you chose anything else?  Who doesn't want to look as glamorous as Katharine Hepburn?  The cars, the phones, the dresses and the hair, the language, going out dancing and the movies.  I would have loved to go see The Philadelphia Story in theaters and swoon at Cary Grant.

My second choice would have to be the late 50's; which is when my mom and dad grew up.  I love the way the photos looked.  I love hearing about records, roller skate keys and radio shows.  I LOVE the old radio shows.  I have been trying to find some on CD and I have been completely unsuccessful.  Though, I must say, I'll take a pass on the hair.  Look at the face on my mom...and people wonder where I got my attitude from.

If I'm right, this picture was taken at Disneyland, but my second guess would be Knott's Berry Farm.  I very well could be wrong, but that is beside the point, experiencing Disneyland before all the new updates would have been wonderful.  See that little cutie?  That's my mom.  Charlotte looks a lot like my mom is this one.

I just found this photo on my computer today.  How could I have never seen this?  I love this photo of my aunts.  It cracks me up that they are all standing next to each other, but not touching each other.  It must have been a long trip in the car.  It seems that in all the photos I have of the Mayo girls, they are lined up in age order.

Man, what I wouldn't give to do have experienced the 40's and 50's; to have blurry, out of focus pictures, Cary Grant, black and white movies, records, radio shows and roller skate keys.

Ps. Mom, thank you for not putting us in matching outfits.  Not that you would have been successful had you tried, but thank you for not trying.


  1. It was Knotts Berry Farm and I thought I was really having to stear the car and was glad to be sitting next to my big sister! Grandpa had a thing about lining us up that way and Grandma made the matching outfits to be able to find us better :-).

  2. I agree with the whole post, I wish I was glamorous! I love that last picture also, I've never seen it before.

    P.S. American Baby magazine is having a cover contest, I'm totally entering Cam. I will need your help for picture ideas/narrowing down one to send in.