Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Hutch

I have been planning and scheming for over a month.  I've been thinking about my hutch and how I wanted to change it.

Grandma gave me this hutch when I moved into my new apartment and I love it.  Though it did have some drawbacks.  The stain wasn't very nice and you couldn't see what was inside the cabinets with the glass doors.  Also, it wasn't really my style.

So the planning began.  It took a surprising amount of steps to get this done:

  1. Set up iPad (my lifesaver and boredom buster)
  2. Take off the hardware.
  3. Take out the glass (now I'm wishing I wouldn't have spent so much time on this step)
  4. Sand down every inch
  5. Buy new hardware and hinges
  6. Fill in old holes that will no longer be used
  7. Paint on primer
  8. Paint the inside of the cabinets white.
  9. Paint the inside of the cabinets white....again.
  10. More white
  11. Paint the outside brown (Finally! A change!)
  12. More brown
  13. Drill new holes. 
  14. Repaint brown
  15. Cut new dowels
  16. Paint new dowels 
  17. Put in new glass panels (the old ones were tinted...no wonder you couldn't see inside!)
  18. Put on new hinges
  19. Transport to York 
  20. Put in new hardware.
  21. Breath a sigh of release and ready, set, DECORATE!
I told you!  Lots of steps and if you count potty breaks for the pooch, you could add in about 10 more steps! Dad even made me do number 13 myself (with close supervision of course).  It made my head hurt.  But it was all worth it!  All in all, only 3 trips to Lowe's and 2 to Target.

I love the new look. The paint was/is still tacky so we put a piece of white fabric between the two pieces to avoid scratching the paint.

If you look at the first two pictures I posted, you can see the old bee hives that held up this little gate.  Dad cut me new dowels.  I think it really helped to update the look.

This is, by far, my favorite part.  I love the hardware.  I have been eying it up at Target for years (not kidding).  I have seen it there almost every time I go.  When Lowe's didn't have the stylish look I wanted, I headed to Target.

The flash always makes things look horrible, but I love that this shows how different this color can look.  It's called Safari Beige.  Me likey.  I found it in the gray section of the paint chips.

I need to thank two very important people.  First, my dad, who took me through this project step by step and spent as much time in the shop as I did.  He cut, glued, sanded and nailed this hutch together.  Thanks Dad!

Second, my mom, who kept taking the pooch out for me and helped me get this sucker to York.  We moved almost everything into my current apartment, but I don't think we've ever moved something so carefully.

Also, just click on the pictures to see them blown up.


  1. Ginner - That is an amazing job and it doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture. I'm going to print out the photos and take them to Grandma tomorrow. She'll be thrilled to see her old hutch looking so nice. I love the color. I redid an old dresser one time (Auntie Sharon owns it now) and it was a huge job and over 30 years later it's still in use! Beautiful!!
    Auntie Karen

  2. Hi,
    I've just inherited a buffet and hutch similar to this from my parents. Their's is maple but pretty well the same time era. I knew I wanted to paint it but didn't quite know what else to do. Unlike you the glass is fine; had thought of removing the doors entirely. The colour you chose is great - looks like cafe au lait! You generously give us the name (Safari Beige) but not the company and not the finish. Any chance of you parting with that information?
    I've just found your blog and am having fun working my way through it.

    1. Hi Cathy! That's so exciting that you just inherited a hutch! They are wonderful pieces of furniture.

      The color I chose is Valspar Safari Beige with an eggshell finish. It's held up pretty well - but is very sticky still (not sure why). You may want to look into putting a clear coat on it to keep it from being sticky. I hope that helps and good luck!


    2. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting me the name. The fact that it's sticky could that be from humidity? Would I not have to wait until the paint wasn't sticky before I put a clear coat on it? I'm new at this so thanks for your patience.

    3. It's sticky all year long - so I don't think it's the humidity. I think it just needed a clear coat. Just give your piece some good drying time and you'll be good to go with the clear cost! Good luck!!