Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cupcake love

I have been experimenting with paper crafts and I've had a lot of fun doing it.  My latest paper craft was created out of the need for a tag for a present.  These cupcake tags are what I came up with.

I spend a long time cutting and pasting, but it was worth it in the end.  I really like how they turned out.

My favorite part is the cherry on top.  Those little circles took forever to cut out, but the cupcake wasn't the same without it.

So if you get a gift with a cupcake tag, it is from me. :)


  1. i have one of these beauties and i loove it :) so does everyone i show it to! thanks for the cupcake (and the gift!)
    love youuu

  2. they are so cute- they would be a cute graphic for a little girl's shirt.

  3. Well Char, I guess you'll just have to have a little girl then :)