Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The weekend

A long weekend is always a good weekend and this one was no exception.  The weekend began with my drive home on Friday night, which went surprisingly fast considering the traffic.  Once I got home, I dropped the pooch off with with rents.  My next stop was dinner with Est, Char and Cam where I captured this little moment (I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this photo):

I must say that I even impressed myself on this one.  I was just trying to get a picture of Cam sitting at the table and looking all grown up when this moment occurred.  I'm just glad I had the camera ready. 

The next morning Char was over bright and early with the babe for some hardcore cleaning of the upstairs.  Char's old room was full of Christmas supplies and lots of junk that had been cleaned out of the cubbies.  Since Mom has gotten her new sewing machine, she has been spending a lot of time on the upstairs landing - the only space left available in the house.  It was high time we got Char's room cleaned out so Mom can start putting it to good use.  During that long day of cleaning, we got some quality time with the cutest baby around.

Cam's thighs are a constant topic of conversation.  They are huge/adorable/squishy and I love them.  On Mom's To-Do list: Make Cam his own, personalized stocking.

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with Mom, petting the dog and listening to Charlie's stupid chicken squeak and squawk.  Charlie loves this toy and NO ONE else can stand it, but because she is spoiled (by Mom, of course) she has received several chickens.  

She loves it so much that all you need to say is "go get your chicken" and she's all over it.  Luckily, for those of us who are not in love with this chicken, the one we bought Sunday morning broke by Sunday night.  Amen.

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