Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Number 17

When I started writing again I knew I didn't have much inspiration, which has resulted in one post a week (at most).  Mom decided to help me out.  In an email, I received a list of topics that I should blog about.  As I read through the list during work, I was trying to hold in my laughter.  There were 18 things on the list, but my favorite was number 17.

Number 17 made me laugh out loud.  It reads, "Us keeping you and Char from fighting in the car by having you spell things backwards."

I have no idea why this was necessary.  Charlotte and I fight?  Never.  Ok, rarely.  Ok, always.  But I have a few things to say in my defense.  Charlotte was the easiest person to irritate, I just couldn't help myself.  All I had to do was touch her too many times and the damn had burst.  And just because I am the middle child does not mean that I was born with the ability to instigate problems.  No way.  In fact, I had to work very hard on that skill (a skill which I still possess today).  The problem was that Char has always been stronger than me, so my instigating and irritating usually ended with me getting a punch to the leg.  For some reason though, I never seemed to learn my lesson.

I can still picture driving down 176 in the old Rally and spelling "Wyomissing" backwards.  Man, my parents picked hard words.  Have you ever tried to spell something backwards?  It is really tough.  My technique was to actually picture the word spelled correctly in my head.  Unfortunately, of the many skills I learned from my parents, this skill would not be considered valuable.  Though, I don't know if my parents would agree.

The most surprising thing about number 17 was that I had no idea my parents used this to get us to stop fighting.  I just thought it was an awesome game.

Side note: I just caught Charlie licking a corner of my desk.  Gross.

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