Thursday, October 21, 2010

Charming Pet Products Small Grandma Hippie Chick Squeaky Latex Dog Toy

Otherwise known as "the chicken."  When I mentioned the chicken in an earlier post, the reason was to complain about how much I hate the chicken.  The last time Mom and I bought the chicken together I distinctly remember saying "The chicken stays at your house."  I hate the chicken and its horrible squeaky face. 

There was a small package from Amazon outside my door when I arrived home today.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so as I was opening it I said to Charlie "Ten bucks says it a chicken."  Being right is usually a good thing, but not today.

I pulled the stupid chicken out of the box and just started laughing, while Charlie started licking her lips.

Seriously? Could it be any uglier? Look at those knockers.  Talk about a well-endowed chicken.  

Look at Charlie.  She is completely focused on the prize.  This is one of the reasons she is so good at learning tricks.  If there is a prize, she will do anything you ask.

She chews on it like it's gum!  It's so annoying! Some day Mom, I will get you back for this.  How could the word "charming" ever be used to describe this toy?


  1. Ah, but look at her tail!! She is so happy.

    i love that she is literally licking her lips in the first picture!!

  3. Seriously, the tongue out is the best.