Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Aroma

Cider, soccer games and slippers.  Applesauce day, sweatshirts and crunchy leaves.  Red, gold and orange. Bonfires, pumpkins and sewing. 

I love October.  It is the real beginning of fall.  In October, the weather starts to feel cold and the air is crisp.  There is a hint of snow in the air - just enough to make you anxious for winter to arrive.  And if you live anywhere but York, the air smells fresh and clean.

Which brings me to my point - York stinks.  I've heard two explanations for this fact; paper mills and potato chip factories.  I'm not sure how paper could stink so bad and I don't know why potato chips would smell like barf, but whatever the reason, York stinks.  There were many days in September when the weather was just perfect enough to have every window open, but not if you live in York. 

I did my best to open and shut the door as quickly as possible!  The old phrase "In or out!" that my parents used to yell has gained new meaning.  It used to be about keeping the air conditioning trapped in the house.  Now I'm just trying to keep the rancid smell from entering my apartment.  To me, it smells like peas.  Bleck.

I have allergies, which means I constantly have a stuffy nose.  The kids will walk in the gym and all I hear is "It smells in here" or "Why does it stink?"  Luckily, I miss the worst of it because of my poor sense of smell.  But there is a flipside to that.  If I can smell it, it must be bad.

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