Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Applesauce Day 2010

The much anticipated Applesauce Day has come and gone and only one thing is missing - the applesauce!  I forgot to bring the spoils of my hard work back to York with me.  Needless to say, I am annoyed.  But on to bigger and better things...

This is my pooch on her first Applesauce Day (ok, technically it was the night before).   So tiny, so cute, so black, and so Groucho Marx.

This is my baby during her third annual Applesauce Day celebration.  She looks tired for a reason; Leia.  Leia and Charlie are best friends forever; someone just forgot to tell Charlie.

The night before held much preparation for the next day.  Including a bath for Charlotte's baby.

This is my favorite.  It looks like he is about to give a speech that may make some people in the audience uncomfortable.  It may start with something like: "After the tradegy of the great spit-up, we need to address a few issues..."

There was always a full stove, oven and grill.  We are a well oiled machine.   Each person is one part of the machine and each person has a job.   Except Mike, he seems to sit around and pick music the whole day. Cutting, baking, scooping, crushing, bagging and counting are all part of the process.


Ok, so we got a little sidetracked.  So what?  Dancing and mo-hawks are also part of the process.  But getting sidetracked is really what the day is all about.  I can't think of anything better to do with good family and friends than get sidetracked.


When we get sidetracked, we have these two: Tommy and Dad.  Dad is like a silent ninja.  You never see him, but things always seem to get done.  Tommy is our mascot.  He is the most excited about Applesauce Day and he makes it through every minute with a smile.  The rest of us get really tired towards the end and some of the other kids disappear into the depths of the basement, but Tommy is always around.

He was also the one yelling "Oh here it comes!  The first applesauce on Applesauce Day!"

We even had a special visitor this year!  My newly married, best friend, Melissa, was able to join us because her crazy husband decided to go hunting.  I made sure to thank Jeff for going hunting.  I really enjoyed having this lovely lady here with us.

Here are some of my favorites that I haven't already shared with you:

Applesauce Day is so much fun and this year it was faster than ever!  It only took us 4 hours to complete the process.  Thanks to Charlotte's sticky buns, we made it through without any problems.

 Cam's tiny/chubby/baby hand playing with the apples.  The all time favorite photo of the day.


    i love the pictures - they look so... oh, what's the word? well, whatever. i love them. and i love you. it was a great day <3 thank you for letting me be a part of it.

  2. I love how you did the pics, they look so cool!