Saturday, April 10, 2010 everything

With Charlotte being pregnant, Cameron being several weeks overdue and our recent spring break, I hadn't spent a weekend at my apartment in over a month.  I loved being home and spending that time with family, but it was nice to be here for the weekend and not go anywhere. 

I spent the day cleaning my apartment.  I started in the bedroom, moved to the living room, then the bathroom.  After cleaning the bathroom I took a movie break, tackled the dining room, balcony, and then went to Walmart.  Last but not least, the kitchen.  I hate the kitchen.  I hate the fridge and the dishes.  After cleanig the dishes tonight there isn't a single inch of counter space to be seen.

You want to know the good news?  I'm moving.  I'm moving to a bigger, better, and just plain awesome-r apartment.  It has a bigger kitchen with more counter space.  It also has a washer/dryer, tons of storage, and a nice big bathroom.  The best improvement in the new place?? THE DISHWASHER!  I can't wait to move.  The end.

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