Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web Cam

I got a skype call from Mom today.  I thought I would see Mom in the basement with her headphones on...instead I saw Mom in the kitchen with the cutest little baby in her arms.

I think Charlie knows that when my computer makes a certain sound she is going to here Mom's voice.  As soon as the computer started ringing Charlie started whining and she put her paws up on my leg.  I was holding her when the video finally started.  That's when I realized that their baby was a lot cuter than my baby.

Can't wait to get home Friday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Introducing the Indredible Bernina

Mom's new sewing maching is awesome...to say the least.  Mom and I spent all last weekend playing with the embroidery feature on the machine.  It's completely incredible what this machine can do.  You simply choose your design, colors, and size, send the design to the machine and begin.  It tells you when to switch colors and what color to switch to, it tells you how long each color will take and how long the design will take.  It's mesmerizing.

Unfortunately this blog isn't quite wide enough for a video...here is the link to youtube.   This video is blurry because there wasn't a lot of light around the machine, but you can still see how fast it is.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cleaning...cleaning everything

With Charlotte being pregnant, Cameron being several weeks overdue and our recent spring break, I hadn't spent a weekend at my apartment in over a month.  I loved being home and spending that time with family, but it was nice to be here for the weekend and not go anywhere. 

I spent the day cleaning my apartment.  I started in the bedroom, moved to the living room, then the bathroom.  After cleaning the bathroom I took a movie break, tackled the dining room, balcony, and then went to Walmart.  Last but not least, the kitchen.  I hate the kitchen.  I hate the fridge and the dishes.  After cleanig the dishes tonight there isn't a single inch of counter space to be seen.

You want to know the good news?  I'm moving.  I'm moving to a bigger, better, and just plain awesome-r apartment.  It has a bigger kitchen with more counter space.  It also has a washer/dryer, tons of storage, and a nice big bathroom.  The best improvement in the new place?? THE DISHWASHER!  I can't wait to move.  The end.